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36 Pack Zipper Replacement Zipper Repair Kit

By Mudder

We scanned and analyzed 92 customers reviews from across the web to give you a better sense of what customers liked and disliked about this product, how they felt about its different aspects, and how is it compare to similar products in the Sewing Tools category.

36 Pack Zipper Replacement Zipper Repair Kit

Item Specifications

Category: Arts, Crafts / Sewing / Sewing Notions / Sewing Tools

Brand: Mudder


How customers described this product




The areas rated the highest by customers are Safety and Trust.


  • Low value for money
  • Inconvenient to use
  • Low-quality product
  • Unreliable product
  • Inefficient customer service
  • Slow shipping
  • Poor packaging
  • Inappropriate size


    Despite not finding any major pros, some customers were pleased with the Safety




Customers often mentioned the words Size, Able, Kit, Pack, Small, Like, Easy, Bag, Figure, Cheap in their reviews.

Fake / Paid


Using dozens of different tests, we found and eliminated 2 suspicious reviews – 80% less than the category average.




This item score is 21% below the category average

Over the years

Likes vs. Dislikes

The item has 39% less positive reviews, 88% more negative reviews, and 200% more natural reviews than its category.

Year by year



Compared to the category average, this product received 338% more reviews.

Product Comparison


Waving Banner Patch (Small)

Harley Davidson
Waving Banner Patch (Small)
  • User rating: 4.73
  • Reviews number: 11
  • Likes: 90%
  • Dislikes: 9%
  • Suspicious reviews: 8%
this product

36 Pack Zipper Replacement Zipper Repair Kit

36 Pack Zipper Replacement Zipper Repair Kit
  • User rating: 3.23
  • Reviews number: 92
  • Likes: 46%
  • Dislikes: 34%
  • Suspicious reviews: 2%




Top product-reviewss based on reviews found on Hotiper and across the web

Does it provide a good user experience?
Most users (50%) answered I like it, while 50% answered Didn’t like it.

Can it be used easily?
60% of respondents said Yes, easily, while 20% said No.
Does this item have a high level of quality?
Most users (50%) answered Not at all, while 25% answered Yes.
Can this product be trusted?
50% of respondents said Yes, while 50% said Definitely not.
Is this is a useful item?
Most users (37%) answered Definitely, while 37% answered No.
How is the service?
33% of respondents said Excellent, while 33% said Disappointing.
Was customer service helpful?
Most users (25%) answered Yes, while 25% answered No.
Has the shipment been fast?
50% of respondents said Yes, while 25% said No.
Was the shipping slow?
Most users (37%) answered Not at all, while 25% answered Yes.
Is the packaging professionally done?
50% of respondents said No, while 25% said Yes.
Was it a large product?
Most users (50%) answered No, while 25% answered Yes.


Based on 92 reviews from around the web, we found that most customers didn't liked the 36 Pack Zipper Replacement Zipper Repair Kit due to its Value for Money, Ease of Use, Quality, Trust, Customer Support, Shipping, Packaging, Size.
As compared to the Arts, Crafts category, the product received 39% less positive reviews.

The final Hotiper score for the product is 64 out of 100 after removing 2 reviews found to be suspicious.